Notification to Visa Transcash Prepaid card customers.

We refer to the General Terms of Sale for the Transcash Visa Reloadable Payment Card between each cardholder and R Raphaels & Sons Ltd (the "GTS Cardholder Agreements").


Transcash cardholders were previously informed of the closure of the Transcash Visa Reloadable Payment Card programme, which closed on 31st October 2018.


On 15 September 2020, all outstanding cardholder agreements from the Visa Transcash Reloadable Payment Card Programme which closed on the 31st October 2018, have been assigned from R Raphaels and Son Ltd to Enumis Ltd.


All redemption and refund enquiries should continue to be made to


To learn more about the refund clauses, please see your General Terms of Use. Copies can be obtained by contacting Transcash customer services at


In addition, if you have not recovered your funds by October 31, 2029, you will lose your rights to the funds remaining on the card. Please note that after October 31, 2019 and until October 14, 2029 , a monthly management fee of €5.00 per month will be taken from the remaining balance, which will be deducted until funds are exhausted.


Enumis Ltd, registered in England and Wales (Company number 07441513), with its registered address at South Quay Building, Marsh Wall, London, England, E14 9SH. Enumis is an E-money institution authorised and regulated by the FCA.

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